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My spirituality has always been of importance to me, and I have forever felt an affinity to nature in all its forms. I firmly believe in respecting all living things - plants, animals, humans, and anything in between! It doesn't make any difference to me what skin colour you have, what religion or faith you follow, whether you don't have a spiritual or religious belief at all, what gender you are, or where your sexuality lies. I believe in working together in harmony to bring peace and love to all.


As a practising Pagan, I have been officiating handfastings for family and friends for over 25 years. I realised that this was my vocation and looked into how I could do this for people on a more permanent basis. I subsequently completed my Civil Ceremony training and was awarded my Level 3 diplomas in Naming and Couples, and also in Funeral Celebrancy. Alongside this, I was very honoured to be selected as one of the first 7 people to be enrolled in the Sacred Celebrant Academy at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. This is the first accredited course of its kind for Pagans in this country, and after 9 months of training, I am now fortunate enough to be able to call myself a Sacred Celebrant of Avalon. The combination of these two paths has led me to be able to create a unique blend of civil and spiritual ceremonies that can be customised for each client so that you can have your day your way. 

In the Ceremonies section of this website, you will find details about the different kinds of ceremonies I can do, and this list is always expanding! I'm really keen to work with people to create other types of ceremony that are more unusual, so please get in touch if you have any ideas - many occasions are special and feel like they need a ceremonial marking but wouldn't generally be classed as a ceremony event. In actual fact, throughout our rich, cultural history, many events would have been marked in a ceremonial way by the communities to which we belonged. Part of my calling is to realign us with our past traditions and reinvigorate the way that we celebrate and mark momentous life events, and I'd love for you to be a part of this.

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