Naming Days

Naming Days: These are effectively like non-denominational Christenings or Baptisms as they are a ceremony where you name your child and where you can choose to recognise people who will always be there for them. Although often performed for newborn babies, or for very young children, naming ceremonies can be about so much more than that. No matter what age your child is, I will create a beautiful and bespoke ceremony that can be made in a number of different ways. You can choose whether you'd like to go down a more ritualistic pagan naming ceremony route, a more civil ceremony approach, or a blend of the two. You can also choose to have religious content or not. This really is your day your way, and I will endeavour to make your dream naming day ceremony become a reality.

Family Unification: These are ceremonies that can help to unify two families who are coming together to become one family unit. Often performed when two people who have children from previous relationships come together to merge their families, they are a beautiful way of bringing everyone together and helping ease the transition of something that can be a tough or stressful time. The sand ceremony often features heavily in these ceremonies - please get in touch for more information!

Rebirthing / Renaming Days: Perhaps you're a person who has finally discovered or truly embraced who you really are and you have made significant life changes to be that person. You are still you, still the beautiful and unique person that you've always been, but you're now ready to rename yourself and be welcomed into you family, friends, and community as that person. I create beautiful ceremonies to reflect these life changes and to help you be reborn and renamed, and these can take many different forms,  much like the Naming Days. Spiritual, civil, religious or not, all of these decisions are up to you to make sure that your day is exactly how you want it to be.

Each of the ceremonies that I create know not and care not what you are - they are all based on LOVE, and that love is unconditional.

I perform other ceremonies related to namings - these are listed on the List of Services page. If there is something that you don't see but would like to discuss, please get in touch! I am always keen to explore different ideas and to try new things.

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