Handfastings: This type of ceremony is not legally binding and, as such, takes place after your legal wedding ceremony that must be performed by a registrar either at the Registry Office or at an approved location that has been registered for legal marriage. Currently, I am unable to provide legal marriages, although I am hoping to change this in the future. This is, of course, only the case if you wish to be married in the eyes of the law.

Handfastings have their roots in the UK from the time of the Celts, or possibly even earlier, and aspects of this tradition can still be found in more mainstream religious ceremonies of today. During a Christian wedding, for example, the priest or vicar will place their stole over or around the hands of the couple and this aspect pays respectful notice to our marriage ceremonies of old. In the most basic sense, a handfasting is where two hands are bound together as you each say vows or promises to one another. The binding itself acts as a physical representation of the promises that you are making, the promises that connect your souls together.

I create bespoke handfasting ceremonies for each couple that incorporate different aspects depending on what you would like to choose. I will sit down with you both for a consultation where we can discuss what you'd like out of your handfasting ceremony, and you can tell me the story of how you became two souls entwined with one another. Each ceremony is filled with sacred ritual and symbology whilst weaving the story of your love for one another. They are a truly deep and meaningful ceremony, filled with special moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Ceremony in the style of a Handfasting: This is a non-legal wedding ceremony that incorporates many of the elements of a full handfasting ceremony, but without the spiritual and ritual content.

Civil Ceremony: This is a non-legal wedding celebration ceremony that takes place after the legal marriage ceremony has been conducted by a registrar at either the Registry Office or an approved location if you are wishing to get legally married. It can have no religious or spiritual content, or it can have lots; it can have some symbolic aspects, or it can have none. This really is a ceremony where you build your day your way, creating moments that really matter.

Vow Renewal: This is a ceremony that happens when a couple believes they have a reason to celebrate or reaffirm their love. Perhaps they are about to celebrate a special anniversary, maybe they've been through some trials and tribulations and feel the need to reconnect with each other, maybe they were married civilly but would like to renew their promises with a ritual handfasting ceremony. There are many reasons for these ceremonies and they can take many forms depending on what you want for your day. I will work with you to deliver a ceremony that you feel embodies who you have become and all that you have been though. It will pay respect to your past and look forward to your future, creating lots of happy memories that you can cherish as you continue on your journey through life.

Each of the ceremonies that I create know not and care not what you are - they are all based on LOVE, and that love is unconditional.

Please note that wedding ceremonies can still be performed as an act of commitment regardless of whether you want to get legally married.

I perform other ceremonies related to weddings - these are listed on the List of Services page. If there is something that you don't see but would like to discuss, please get in touch! I am always keen to explore different ideas and to try new things.

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